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Vans Signet Ring

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Custom Fabricated and Hand Engraved Signet for Van Woodruff of Van's Custom Leather

19mm tapering to 7mm at the bottom in Damasteel Damascus.  Deep Relief, sculpted ornament, 24k yellow and 18k rose gold inlays...


This one was turned and milled from solid stock.  The following photos are in-progress as well as final photos professionally shot by Ed Connors Jr. of Ripley, WV.


Right off the mill...

VW before etch02 web



Relieving and sculpting the oak leaves, Acanthus and outline of the state of Alabama...

04 10 15 left bottom01 web



Relieving the monogram "VLC" for Van's Custom Leather

04 10 15 left top01 web




More sculpting and relieving...

04 15 15 rt side01 web



24k yellow gold inlays make up the basketweave background...

VW 04 24 15 web



Adding sculpted scrollwork to the insides of the letters...

VW05 01 15 websm



Screws are 18k rose gold inlays, naturally patina finish with a light Damascus etch...

(Ed Connors Jr. Photography)


Damas signet frnt01 web

Damas signet LT01 web

Damas signet rt01 web

Damas signet BK01 web



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