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Please e-mail for a quote. Include description of part - photos if possible, amount of coverage in addition to style of scroll. (Sculpted or gun scroll, beaded background or textured) feel free to call with any questions about what you see here.

Note: The shop is on a short break from motorcycle engraving. Thank-you.

Please contact my friend Mike Martyn (Martyn Engraving) in Fontana, CA for immediate services.

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Recently completed pieces for the Confederate Themed Harley

"Stone Mountain" Sculpted overlay for Harley engine and pulley covers ...

Congratulations to Steve and his Confederate themed Sporty "Deo Vindice" for 1st place at the 2014 Piston Powered Rama in "North American Manufactured" class ....

Scroll down for in-progress and more completed photos of this bike ....

A huge thanks go to Dennis at Stroker's Performance Cycles in Sandusky and John Wright on Custom Chrome Plating.

Primary Cover, middle rockers, exhaust and air cover for "Deo Vindice" - The Confederate Heritage Theme Harley.

Air breather cover ... 18 hours of relieving, sculpting, polishing and dot punching. Ready for chrome and on its' way to Custom Chrome in Grafton, Ohio.


The Tennessee state flag stars along with "CSA" from a Confederate grave marker I seen someplace and the owner's name ... all chisel and punch work.


In progress photo ...


Middle Rocker Covers for "Deo Vindice" - The Confederate Heritage Theme Harley.

("Deo Vindice" was the Confederate States of America motto ... translated from latin = "God Will Vindicate"

Custom Exhaust ... full length coverage.

... chrome stripped and steel highly polished ... this was a tough one and a real workout holding the 5' long front pipe.

Everything finished and assembled .... photo shot in Sandusky, Ohio at the North Coast Thunder Rally - June, 2013


The following photos were taken in Nashville, Tennessee on Feb. 2nd, 2013 at the Easy Riders Show ...

For more photos of this bike ... go to Temple of Steel and Gold on Facebook.



Sandusky, Ohio 2013 bike week ... Thunder Roads photo shoot.


Scroll Down For Recently Completed Commissions - Yep ... it's time to create a photo album ....

Harley Davidson Evolution Engine.

Complete engine engraving services include engine disassembly and reassembly upon request.



Knucklehead Rockers and Cam Gear Cover ...

Oak Leaves & Acorns - a traditional firearms engraving style popular on many late 19th and early 20th Century Belgian, German and American shotguns ... this style is enjoying a renewed interest and always looks best sculpted and relieved.

WCC Primary/clutch cover and carb cover ... flames n' sculpted scroll.


Harley Iron Head Sportster Primary Cover

This cover had the grooves milled off, re-polished, engraved then chome plated.

It features carved/sculpted scroll across the flat area, traditional gun style scroll with a dot punched background.

This is a full coverage piece..

Click HERE to see what this primary looked like when I recieved it.

Harley XLCH Cam and Kicker Covers

Grooves milled off, polished, engraved with traditional American scroll and chrome plated.

In-progress photos ....


Harley Iron Head Rocker Covers


The customer, who I had the priveledge of engraving the above parts for, sent in this photo of his assembled engine ....


.... and if I were to build an iron head it would be exactly like this! Thank-you for the pics Bill!!


Hand Fabricated Shift Linkages

Hand fabricated from stainless steel and polished. Shift rods are made to order and are specifically designed for hand engraved, personalized inscriptions.

Depending on how forward your forward controls are, they are made to exact length (12"-14") so no spacers are needed.

Timing/Points Covers

Manufactured from surgical grade, non-magnetic, stainless steel. These covers are made specifically for engraving and will not rust. Each cover is polished to a mirror finish then engraved to order. Portraits, logos, gold inlay - anything you can envision can be engraved.

* 2 hole covers fit Harley Evolution engines '84 - 99, Shovelhead '72 - '83 & Sportsters, also S&S and Revtech Engines

* 5 hole covers fit Harley twin cam engines

Each cover ships with polished stainless steel button head allen screws. Average turnaround time is 2 - 6 weeks depending on complexity of design.

5 Hole Twin Cam and Evo Style Covers

West Virginia Theme Chopper Timing Cover with 24K Gold Inlay (Revtech engine)

Fuel Caps

Manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel by Landmark Mfg. and are ideal for highly detailed engraving.