Firearms and Parts Engraving

24k gold, fine platinum, and fine silver inlay, Ornamental and Traditional Scroll Engraving.

Please Note:

Only items which are legally considered "parts" by the BATFE (floor plate/trigger guard, slides, cylinders etc.) may be shipped directly.

Mauser floorplate ....


Kimber Model 1911 Stainless TLEII

(Completed December 2012)

Commissioned by the Jackson County Sheriff's Department and presented to retiring Sheriff Mike Bright on December 14, 2012. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with a great group of folks who do a fantastic job in making this county a great place to live and work. Special thanks to our new Jackson County Sheriff, Tony Boggs and Sheriff's Deputy & court officer Aaron Cutright for making this happen as well as their confidence in my abilities.

Grips are bonded ivory by Charles Spresser and scrimshawed by Katherine Plumer

All emblems are 24k fine gold inlays.

Monogram on slide top is deep relief and selectively polished.


Colt 1851 Navy s/n 10483 - Second Generation, "C" Series,

(Completed in November, 2010)

Featuring: Pre-ban ivory grips by Nutmeg Sports, Case color by Turnbull Mfg., Gold plating by Reliable Plating and bluing by Steven Cale of Scott Depot, West Virginia.

Engraving: 24k fine line, flush inlay fourishes, borders, barrel address and serial numbers. Traditional scroll with mild relief background and super fine bead punched background.

This is a commissioned piece.

Remington 1858 New Model Army Cap & Ball

(Completed in August, 2008)

........ silver inlay, bead punch background, custom fabricated walnut grips. Bluing by Steve Cale.

Commissioned Engraved Parts by

Custom Gunmaker Steven M. Cale of Scott Depot, West Virginia


Grip cap with fine, 24k gold inlay monogram.

24k gold inlay on a bolt handle ...



Sako floorplate & trigger guard (completed February 2009)

24K inlay floral border, fine silver inlay monogram


Mier lever operated Mauser floorplate (completed in November 2007)

The above Mauser floorplate finished and installed in the rifle.

Buttplate of above Mauser rifle.



Colt Government Model 1911 Series '70

"West Virginia Theme" - Inspired by the West Virginia Theme Chopper

The gold inlay and sroll engraved slide with silver inlay elephant ivory grips photos below:

(completed in December 2006)

24k Gold Inlay Scenes: Left side- Charleston Capitol Dome, Seneca Rock, Right side - New River Gorge, Cardinal

Top of slide: West Virginia State Seal.

Grips: Silver Inlaid Elephant Ivory - Left: Brooktrout : "Almost Heaven", Right: Black Bear: "Wild, Wonderful". (cut from Morgan silver dollars)

Special Thanks to:

Eric Denemark (Owner) - For his patience.

Steven Cale of "Timberline Outfitters L.L.C." (Scott Depot, W.V.) for Refinishing & Assembly,

Ed Connors Jr. of "Ed's Photogenics" in Ripley for the Photography,