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On the bench now ....

 What's new?  (updated 8-20-16)


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Coming soon:  Some great customer reviews and an expanded art ring section!  :D



A lot of better quality photos are coming this way, with some already posted here, using a  Nikon D3300 and macro lens.  A great camera for the money that shoots small metallic objects very nicely.

My Facebook business page is gone .. deleted, adios, hasta la vista, sayonara, bon voyage.  Initially created as an extension to the "On the bench" section of this website,  it has moved to Instagram where there's no drama.  Time is a valuable, limited resource that needs to be invested into creating the highest quality work rather than monitoring multiple social media platforms.   Please join me on Instagram by clicking the little button at the top right corner of this home page.   Thank-you.



In-Progress .... Sully's Damascus 1911 slide - Celtic theme, the 24k gold inlay is in and the snake is being carved...

Damascus 1911 slide


In-Progress .... Sully's Damascus 1911 slide - Celtic theme, the 24k gold inlay is in before the snake is engraved.

leftside gold inprog01 web 


Jon's 12mm, sculpted titanium wedding band - pipe cut, deeply engraved withfinely beaded relief...





Having a little fun in some soft brass - "Lex Talionis" hammer head theme.  Heavily sculpted - more on this soon...

middle in prog02 web 


A little more progress on the ball-end.  An ancanthus rosace is made to order for this shape!

hammer ball in prog02 web 


14mm, sculpted titanium with wide (1.75mm) 22k gold borders engraved with classic triple running wheat.  This was a huge ring with a lot of surface area and perfect for something a little more creative in the gold.  Photographed with a vintage full brass 12GA shotgun shell.


14mm titaniumgold01 web


10mm Fleur-de-lis ring - Fully sculpted with stylized matching scroll ornament.   

Oxidized blackened stainless

MB fluer de lis06 web



Colorado Mountain Skyline ring ...

Seven SI1 diamonds set in Damascus and platinum.  The central 3.8mm diamond represents the moon rising between platinum covered peaks at nite.

damasplat mountains ring01websm 



Handmade Flyrod End Cap and Reel Seat Ring (2 sets) ...

JM completed02 web


Double Layer Damascus "Illusion" Pendant

Damasteel Damascus, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k yellow gold with a central duchess cut marquis diamond....the front is sculpted and pierced allowing the filligree gold inlayed Damascus back to reflect through.  Both pieces are secured together with six 18k gold rivets and 14k gold posts.  Weight: 11g, H: 33mm, W: 25mm, thickness: 3.5mm


Damas pendant new02 web

Damas pendant side01 web

Damas pendan back01 web







Check out my new Etsy store and new items being listed! 

Sterling Bullet Lockets in .380acp/9mm size

bullet pendant etsy




I lost my best and closest friend...

Mila was my whole world.  She was full of love and life.  She always had to be around people and had to say hello to everyone.  I raised her from a pup to be better than I  and she was.  

mila in the field2012 dated web



Dan's Wedding Band...

Special thanks to Dan and his photographer for this photo!

dans professional pic Emily Charais Photog

DM Tigold04a web



Mike's Wedding Band ...

12mm wide, Damascus Twist Patter with Sculpted Scrollwork in Deep Relief, Oxidized black - $1,200

12mm Damascus and Sculpted Scroll



Damascus Signet Ring ...

Sculpted, deep relief with 24k gold "basketweave" background

18k rose gold screw heads in the border

(Click on the photo to see the process)

Damascus signet



Hand Engraved Zippo Lighter ...

JT zippo front02 web2



Engraved wedding bands, Damascus weddings bands, jewelry engraving, signet ring engraving, hand engraved wedding bands.


















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